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​​The success of Gateway Compliance has been due, in part, to our awareness that "one size does NOT fit all" in the quality control and compliance arena.  To maintain this success, we have assembled a team of highly qualified, customer satisfaction driven associates and provided them a state of the art proprietary Quality Control audit system.  This recipe ensures that every Gateway employee is always focused on the requirements, needs and goals of our clients.  Our philosophy is based on a simple set of principles:

​​​​ People
​The key to our success is our People.  We employ highly-experienced and skilled individuals to provide our clients with reliable and accurate results.

​​​​ ​Honesty
​Our business relationships are based on integrity and trust.  Our clients may completely rely on our commitment to delivery quality.  We strive for long-term relationships with clients who want a QC partner to assist them in achieving quality objectives in their loan manufacturing and servicing processes.

​​ Reliability
​Our clients can always depend on us to meet our deadlines and promises.
​​​​ Quality
​Quality of service is the foundation of our practice.  We understand the importance of accuracy and strive to produce results that will be the most effective for our clients' purposes.

  • ​Our main goal is to partner with our Clients and become an extension of their operations while maintaining the  independence of third-party outsourcing;

  • ​Our QC Specialists have a minimum of  10 years experience in operations, loan underwriting and/or quality assurance;

  • ​Our knowledge and awareness of current mortgage lending requirements and regulatory compliance is our speciality;
  • ​​Our comprehensive loan review is designed to specifically address the quality control directives of the Agencies and HUD, but is also tailored to fulfill the requirements of VA and RHDA;

  • ​We have been a trusted partner for Banks, Credit Unions, Independent Mortgage Bankers and Hedge Funds since 2007;​

  • ​We pride ourselves on Service Excellence and it shows in the way we deliver timely and accurate monthly results.
​​Our Mission is to provide Quality Control, Compliance and Consulting Solutions at the highest level of competency while developing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our Clients.  We accomplish this by focusing on the requirements, needs and goals of our Clients!
  • Our robust proprietary audit system, GateCheck, was specifically built to conduct Quality Control reviews while providing template & reporting flexibility to meet the Client's needs;

  • ​Our Quality Control solutions fufill the primary components of the Client's quality control program;

  • ​Our ongoing communciation with our Clients is where we truly excel;